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Knowledge platforms
Knowledge transfer
Intellectual property value enhancement

Syntropy originated the Integrated Scientific Platform (ISP). Early in clinical development, you need to capture and crystalize the compelling scientific story of your product and its promise for the future.


Our platforms provide you with everything from your “elevator pitch” through to detailed, robust scientific statements, on literally hundreds of relevant topics organized in a unique and logical story flow.

When you acquire a new investigational drug from a discovery company, how can you ensure that you have transferred all the knowledge, experience and expertise that should come with it?


Syntropy has developed unique and specific processes to meet this need. These proprietary processes have been tried, tested and proven in over a decade of successful knowledge transfer, resulting in accelerated product development for our clients.

Many innovative research and discovery companies want to realize the value of their intellectual property (investigational drugs) – through a sale to a pharmaceutical company that will complete the clinical development.


But how can you ensure you get optimum return on your investment? Syntropy works with investigational drug discovery companies and can literally increase the value in multiples.

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